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Friday, March 26, 2010

Chris Hoy For the Gold

Congratulation! Chris Hoy (GOLD ), AZIZUL (Silver) , Maximilan ( Bronze )
Both my Fav Rider!

Results here

Go Australia here

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SAG LIFE Backpack

SAG LIFE AirForce 1 with 2 new colour! Pink & Blue.
Hope the Limited Edition DQM will be here too, @ SUPPLY STORE

Monday, March 22, 2010

Gran Royal Lurker

Meet Burt Benson from Gran Royale on Vimeo.

The features are:
-Full Chromoly Frame
-Fixed or Freewheel Rear Hub
-Integrated Seat Clamp
-Integrated Headtube
-European Bottom Bracket
-Gran Royale Saddle w/ Alloy Seatpost
-Caliper Brakes Included
-Integrated Seat Post Clamp
-Precision Sealed Bearing, High Flange Hubs Front and Rear
-Tubular Fork Allows Clearance for Barspins

Now Available @ MC CYCLERY

Massan with Leader Bike Commercial

Massan for Leader Bike from Dan Arel on Vimeo.

KOSO-REN Action!

Photo via KOSO REN

Dummycat Dos Recap

Hot Brad & Tom 1st plc!

SSS Crew Represent! *

There's more here!

Nike SportsWear London to Paris Trailer.


SRAM OMNIUM Black colour only available via Chari n co.
specs : 144 Bcd 48T.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cinelli x Mash: Campagnolo

Stumbled onto this Cinelli x Mash frame with Campagnolo goodies.

History of Keirin Cycle

Watch all 8 volume here

Source : Patrick (Gorilla)

Friday, March 19, 2010

National Park Ride.

So if you weren't there, this is how the National Park ride went- most of us met at Martin Plc as usual at about 6:30am. It was from memory, Me, Jase, Dez, Benz, Chin Dog, Francis, Jun, Kiki, Mikey and Louis who was sent home to get his helmet (sorry if I forgot anybody). Let me just say that to get to Martin at that time, I had to get a train at 5:50 and out of bed at 5-ish, pretty fucking early, has anybody ever done a backwards circle at 6:30 in the morning?

So we roll out down George St, it's pretty empty. We head to Hell on Wheels to pick up Hot Brad, Lenny Tran, Andy P and friends. Down King St, then onto the Highway, no stops, no dramas, nobody left behind. A few hills towards Blakehurst and a couple people drop off so we chill in a side street. On the road again and across Tom Ugly's Bridge, which was really nice at that time of the morning. No stopping again till after Sylvania Macca's somewhere close to Kirrawee. A few people drop off on some hills again, so we wait in a side street. Is everyone here?
Wait there's 1 more dude coming?
Who is it?
I think it's Kiki, somebody call him. Where are you man?
Miranda!? What the fuck are you doing in Miranda? You went the wrong way!
Waited for 10 minutes and Kiki comes up the hill, chilling not even sweating with a beanie under his helmet. Few minutes down the road we take the turn off to the Sth Coast and we are faced with a huge hill. I knew it would kill me, but I wasn't not going to bomb it. So fast, I think Hot Brad got 62kms, he knows cause he had a computer thingy on his wheel. Got the bottom of the hill, hammered and faced with a long mellow climb, which was fucked! That bit fucking killed me. We get to the top and chilled at the Loftus National Park entrance, is everyone here?
Where's Kiki?
10 minutes later...............
No more stops till Heathcote Macca's now, it's not too bad from there, just "undulating" hills (undulating is my new word). Get to Macca's and I got to the toilet and fucking take off these fucked up underpants that I had on under my nicks. They were shredding my arse, I fucking threw them in the bin. From now on, free balling only in nicks.
So a lot more comfortably I/we rode down to the Waterfall entrance of the National. Faced with the decision of riding in or not we decide the best thing to do is ride into the park. Down another super rad hill bomb, funnest part of the trip for sure, then ride straight back out the way we came in. Which is for sure the heaviest hill I've climbed. 3/4 the way out and I got really bad cramps, J got a flat and someone else did too I think. I stop with Lenny T and Francis and stretched out my shit and back into it. Get around the corner and the hill was too hectic I fucking walked it, Chin Dog was the only one who pedaled all the way out, fucking animal! Back on the bike and out of the park, fucking cramps again, only this time way way way way way way way way worse. I never felt cramps that bad, I think I had my 1st period, I'm officially a woman now. 1 by 1 everybody emerges from the depth of National Park hell.

We went and got some Gatorades across the street and most people jump on the train. I feel relatively crampless and decide to ride back with Chin Dog, Hot Brad, Andy P and (dude I forgot your name, who was riding to Sutherland to pick his car up). We head back the way we came, almost straight away I feel cramps coming back (I'm a bitch), I take my feet out of the clips and bomb some hills which was fun. Me and Andy P call it quits at Sutherland and jump on the train, whilst Chin Dog and Hot Brad pedal power all the way back to the city, big ups!

The rest is kind of history and most people were at the regular SSS ride in the arvo. Just a mention to our international guests Corny and Erin (even though she is from Brisbane) who joined us too.

Fucking good ride, we'll be planning another 1 soon enough, so man up, carboload and eat salt for breakfast so you don't cramp up like a bitch! GET SOME!

I didn't take too many photo's this day, Dez did though, check his out!

AllTrack 2010

AllTrack 2010 kicks off easter weekend in Auckland.
Click here for more info.

Leader * New 721TR

New for 2010 is the Leader 721TR Track Frame. Featuring 6061 heat treated ultralight
butted aluminum. Perect for the street or track this frame is lightweight and durable.

Get em here

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Monday, March 15, 2010

No Cassettes DVD

SF Fixie mogul, Chris Fonseca, has finally completed his film, “No Cassettes,” featuring fixie freestyle tricks shot all over California.
watch the trailer here.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wheel of Fortune

Photo source : ID FIXED and more photo's here

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dummycat Dos Mexicat

A relax alleycat by Andy & Hell on wheels
Date : Saturday 20th March 2010
Time : 7.30 pm
Where : War Memorial Hyde Park

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Pedal Speed vol 5

Japanese Pista magazine " PEDAL SPEED Vol.5 " is out now. Grab em at Kinokuniya (TGV)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

National Park Ride

Meeting Point : Martin Place not later than 6.30 AM.
Following the map reference from MS Ride (*should be bike safe ).
Bring own tube as there is no bike work shop along the way.

SSS 5 pm ride is still on!

Have Fun!

View Larger Map

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Faz's Birthday.

So it started out with a little BBQ and Robo Cog opening day. Oi had prepared my favourite cake, cheescake as seen here. Then the FAZZICAT. It wasn't a huge turn out at Martin Plc due to the weather that day. We handed out the instructions and destinations, the 1st pub was the Cricketers. I'm going to give the details of my race. So I break out from Martin Plc knowing my biggest challengers for the race would be Levon, Macca and Jase. So I'm hauling arse behind Levon up Elizabeth then through Hyde Park, I think J is around there someplace too. Get out onto Oxford St and I see Macca take a hectic right turn down Crown St. So I took a hectica turn trying to keep up, I see cops on Crown and briefly shit myself got no time for toilet paper though. So I get to the Crix and Levon and Macca are already there and J turns up not long after. I hoon my beer like nobodys business and Me, Macca, Levon and J all leave at pretty much the same time. I nearly forget to grab a coaster but Macca reminds me, so lucky. We all pretty much split in different directions except J follows me through Redfern. I lose him around Baptist St I think and that is the last I see of him till the end of the race. I get lucky with a few lights and fucking skid right through a red at Redfern and Regent St, was a bit gnarly. I get on to Wilson St and I see I'm in hot pursuit of Levon, I kept my distance knowing I could out skull him at the Courthouse. He is the 1st person there, then Me and I'm wondering where the fuck is Macca. I smash another beer and leave just before Levon bumping into Macca on the way out. Turns out smart arse went to the Lansdowne before the Courthouse. Good move maybe?
I was worried so I smashed it down King St, through reds, in between buses, cars, wrong side of the road. I make it to the Lansdowne before Levon, I decide a beer is the wrong choice due to the fact I have been on the verge of puking for the last 15 mins. I smash a midi of lemonade with heaps of ice (it still counts). Levon arrives just as I'm leaving, I got no idea where Macca is and I think I'm in a good position for the lead. Not sure which way I should go to Mr B's, I decide on the back streets. It's looking pretty good until I see Levon shoot passed me on Broadway and out of sight. I was stuck at the lights at Abercrombie St. Fucking up the footpath I go, yelling and whistling for people to get out of the way. Boom, back on the road through a gap in traffic. Head down George St, loads of traffic, i'm back in race mode. Wrong side of the road, between buses and cars, turn right up to Mr B's. Levon is there, he's been there for a couple minutes, I'm wondering where the fuck is Macca. 2 minutes later he turns up, thinking he'd won the race. Turns out he took back streets from Newtown and he was chilling thinking Levon and I would have been caught up at the Lansdowne. Few more minutes later and J turns up.

End result- Levon, Me, Macca then J.

Fun as race, I think next time the rules will be it has to be some sort of alcoholic drink. Just so everyone feels like puking, not just me.

Thanks everyone for racing and thanks to everyone who stayed out and partied late with us, especially Sven!



Alongside the usual race, trick comp, and other events, this year will see the addition of a couple new features, including big group rides, and the penultimate Red Bull Minidrome as the finale event. The format will be similar to last year's inaugural event, with a Championship format to determine not only individual winners of each event, but also to reward the ultimate ALLTRACK champion as the best all-round, all-discipline rider. All confirmed events and event schedule will be posted soon, but for now, get training, make sure you book your travel, sort out your accomodation & leave for ALLTRACK'10.

i think its time to represent for the Aussies..

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Gear Shop Brisbane

These guys rock.
Erik, Dan and David from Gear Shop Brisbane.
If your in Brisbane.. definitely go check it out.
They're really nice dudes. killer shop.

check the link for more.


E-Man Nice Try from Ralph on Vimeo.

Thanks for the Link A.J

Chriss Akrigg with Monggose Mourice #2nd Vid

Chris Akrigg THE MAURICE.0 from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

Urban Velo #18

Available to download here. & Also the back issue can be found here

Selle San Marco Vintage Ads