Monday, May 31, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

So I think we now have the finalized sponsors list for the BBQ on Sunday! Super massive hecka thanks to everyone involved, nobody "had" to support us but they did and that's fucken rad!

So on Sunday, if it's raining not too bad, the spot we are going to is under cover. And yes, I heard that the weather is going to be super gnarly. But it's not, because we don't want it to be. Fucken SSS mind power. In the slim chance that it's way to bad, just keep your eyes peeled to your computer and there will be updates on what's up.

Cross your fingers everybody let's do this!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

VELO Bicycle Culture And Design

Check out this book! @ Gestalten

Pedal Speed Vol 6

Pedal Speed Vol 6 is out now! grab em at Kinokuniya ( TGV ).

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TUBE Change comp

This Sunday @ Pyrmont Park

Monday, May 24, 2010

vans x caught in chainring x stack

There are some of us who wear vans authentics/eras when we ride. we find them comfortable but we wear them mostly as they fit into the cages the easiest.
Well have a look up there. what the fuck happened to those vans?
well.. lets say.. someones laces were a bit too long that day and that person's shoe lace got caught on the chainring.. which then followed through by getting even more caught.. anyways.. you get the picture. my friend did not get hurt too much but he told me it definitely could of ended badly if he didnt remove his foot from the shoe in time.
lesson for the day. tuck those laces in!!!! keep em out of your chainrings reach.

Winter BBQ

I want to add some details to the event below.

It's the SSS winter BBQ event! It's at Pyrmont park and we're meeting at Martin Place at 1pm. The meat and (hopefully) beer will be provided by the SSS, sausage sandwiches mostly. If you wanting anything else you should bring it yourself, Hos will bring the rice + chopsticks. There will be Trackstand, Skid and the Robo Tube changing competition by Robo Cog. $5 entry to compete in all competitions with a wheel set, t-shirts, bags, Spring Court discount vouchers + 2 pairs of shoes and a tattoo voucher from Ping Pong from Kaleidoscope (are you fucking serious?, the best prize I ever heard of), and, and, and, and a tattoo from up and coming tattoo artist under the guise of the legendary Ping Pong...... Nong Chang for prizes. Sponsored by Robo Cog, SSS, Supply store, OL'GOOD, BFF, Hell on Wheels, Kaleidoscope (Ping Pong), Nong Chang, Spring Court and more sponsors and prizes to come.

It's going to be a big event and lot's of fun with rad prizes.

..........we have a secret motive for this event, if I'm to be completly honest, we will be shooting photo's, collecting broken parts, anything of SSS related interest, ALL YOUR SPOKE CARDS and your stories for the up coming exhibition. Bring your self, your apetite, your stories, which we will document on the day and your bike. B.Y.O bike.


Friday, May 21, 2010


Be there guys! suprise prizes! and we gonna snap few photo's which gonna go to the exhibition!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NJS Replacement.

No more NJS for me any more, it's all about multiculturalism in your whip. So it goes-
Geofsco - Australian frame
Nitto seat post, stem and bars - Japanese
Sam Marco Regal seat - Italian
as well as Italian front hub - Miche
Velocity front rim bought from the - US
Velocity Deep V rear wheel - Australian
Sugino Super Mighty cranks + Sugino 75 BB + Mks pedals + Sag double straps, Izumi chain and Shimano 105 headset all - Japanese

I'm psyched with how it's turned out even though a shitty lockring fucked my hub in Brisbane the other day. It's been sent away for super anal-asis to hopefully get fixed for free.

Kurnell Ride.

So we rode out to Kurnell a few ages ago. I just got the photo's back though, so chill out.

We met at Martin as usual, a smaller crew than the Waterfall ride but still strong. We rolled out around 7ish I think. The crew was Me (Faz), Dez, Lewis, Lenny T, Alex Pedro and Doug from Incu. We went up Oxford St then on to Flinders and Sth Dowling. Whilst we were stopped at some lights (cause we was being law abiding) some fat old dude riding solo on a roadie rolled past us along Cleveland St, kinda smirked and yelled out "Hipsters!". I laughed and wondered where that fat old fuck learned a "hipster" word like "Hipster". Anyway dude you're fat, old and shit so suck my balls. Where did you ride to?
Centenial park?
With gears?

Anyways, we rode out along the freeway(?) and through the airport tunnel which is pretty rad and fun. Everyone kept a good pace and we got through pretty quickly. We stopped just after that for a chill and cigarettes (not me though). So I was busting for a shit hey. We rode along General Holmes Drive till Dolls Point and I found some shitty public toilet with a glory hole in the cubical door. I don't know what the fuck goes on out in Dolls Point when the lights go out, it seems like a place I'd rather not be. Everyone took photo's of me on the shitter even with my camera, it was funny though and I was kinda into it.

Onto the Captain Cook bridge, which has 1 skinny arse path to ride over. Then round Taren Point in the back streets till we hit a pretty good bikepath that goes from Taren Point all the way out to Shark Park. From Shark Park to Kurnell the road is flat with a shoulder most of the way, it's super fast! Everyone was hammering along there, we smashed a few roadies and some hybrid bike things then a dude with a pram, fucken smoked the pram dude!

Arrive Kurnell National Park around I don't know when. Chilled out for a bit, took some photo's, ate some bananas, drank some Gaterade and hung out with a Muslim fishing family. We found a cafe near by and had some coffees then back on road.

Good pace along the flat stretch again, all the way to the Captain Cook bridge and then Pedro starting feeling it. We didn't leave him behind though, we waited and then waited. Man down! Pedro my little brother ended up having to grab a taxi to the train station. His legs couldn't keep running, next time bro, you got it man. We raced through the airport tunnel again, after that it was a bitch of a home stretch. Incu Doug started to fall behind whilst Lenny and Lewis steamed ahead. Dez and I couldn't leave our man on the freeway alone so we chilled till he caught up. Dez broke out home around abouts Roseberry, my legs were on the verge of cramping so I had to keep a steady pace. I met up with Lewis and Lenny around Waterloo turn off followed shortly after by Doug. We rolled onto Remy and Lee's cafe, they sorted us out water and coffee's. Big up Rem and Lee!!!!

Good ride, nice and fast, ended up getting back to the cafe at about 11:30 I think and we left the city at 7. We covered about 80kms over all, not to mention the ride out to Tempe velodrome that evening with me bitching like I got a itchy vagina the whole way (even though it was my idea, I'm a loser).

Rad shit.

Incu Doug.

Around abouts Brighton.

Lewis, not Le Pista.

I fully thought these planes were going to crash.

Lenny T



Dez Man.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Leader 722TR * NEW

Looks like gorilla, looks like 725TR.. combine together. check em out here

SE x DC 2010 model launch @ HALFSLEEVE

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Domestique Launch@Chandler Velodrome


Faz and i were down in Brisbane on Sunday and Monday for the Domestique launch at Chandler Velodrome. fuck it was ill. we really need something like that in sydney.
Riding in brisbane. sick. besides being fined $40 for no brakes.
Big thanks to Gypsy, Erik, Dave and also a thanks to Matt from the Outpost.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

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